Organizational Audit
We start the process of improving performance with a structured audit of the workplace and an assessment of the current management team.  By conducting individual and group interviews, we gather information about the workplace, the management team's strengths and areas for potential improvement.  We focus on such areas as; management culture; interpersonal communicatiions skills; operational procedures and practices; performance tools; process improvement techniques; training levels, etc.  We then provide feedback to the executive team regarding our findings, conclusions and recommendations for building a performance-driven culture within the organization.
Performance Tools
Creating a high-performance workplace happens when employees have the knowledge, skills and tools they need to take charge of their jobs and their future.  Based on discussions with senior management staff, we develop or revise job descriptions, performance review tools, job competencies and other perfomance documentation.  Our goal is to ensure that there is alignment between the organization's business objectives, strategic plan and mission/vision/values with the day-to-day management of its people resources.
Achieving Balance
Producing positive bottom-line results in today's challenging economy requires strong managers and well prepared employees.  Too often, managers direct their teams by focusing exclusively on end results and not on the behaviors that produce those results.  We carefully guide executives into the development of quality management techniques that create a balance between attention to basic management skills while also implementing motivational people-focused leadership techniques.
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Fortune Magazine Agrees ...

 "  ... employees are your best financial investment!"
 "A recent study conducted by Fortune Magazine found that companies which invested in employee development provided significantly higher shareholder ROI."
Successful corporate executives know that their employees are an essential ingredient in their company’s success - providing superior customer services, resolving operational problems on-the-spot, and contributing creative, innovative solutions that propel the organization out in front of the competition. 
 Many executives recognize that they don’t have the time or the expertise to make the necessary investment in their employees.  Leadership Dimensions consulting processes help leaders develop their people and themselves along new paths to personal and professional success.
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