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Amid the constant turbulence of today's business environment, effective leadership at all levels is an indispensable component. 

Every organization needs its own unique approach to achieving leadership success.  For this reason, individual leadership skills must be honed, framed and aligned within the business issues and culture of each organization. 

LDC consultants work with the management staff to discern which leadership styles and tools will result in superior performance for that organization.  Our techniques are designed to be practical and immediately applicable - not theoretical.  
Strategic Human Resources Planning
 A Key Element in Strategic Planning
If your people are the key to executing your strategic plan - and they are - then you need a strategic human resources plan to support your strategic business plan.  
We offer proven, integrated OD tools and strategies for creating and maintaining a strategic HR plan that supports your business plan.  Our feedback tools offer an established, economical approach to identifying an assessment of leadership competencies that align with the combined strengths of both strategic plans. 
Teambuilding for Productivity
When employees stop working well together, productivity suffers.  When communication between team members becomes infrequent, too formal or distorted, customers notice and efficiency falters.  This is clearly the time to "gather the team" and explore conflicting interests, long-standing traditions and a myriad of other unstated difficulties lurking beneath the strained surface of team interactions. 
LDC provides value-added team facilitation services and guides teams to work through creative problem resolutions.   Working through individual differences is key to rebuilding the team's productivity.
To help management teams work more effectively, we offer a range of customized workshops, diagnostic tools and a series of professional learning and development programs.  Every program within each suite of products is tailored to be specifically applicable to the developmental needs and unique work challenges of the team.
The LEA 360⁰ Program 
Linking Leadership to Strategy 

The LEA Strategic Directions Tool, created by Management Research Group (MRG), is a leadership feedback model designed to help create the link between business objectives and leadership practices.  Starting with the organization’s strategic plan, the senior executive team utilizes the Strategic Directions Tool to identify a template of behaviors needed to create a leadership culture aligned with the overall plan. The result is a clear set of leadership behaviors that will help the organization achieve its business objectives. 
Develop Powerful Personal Leadership Skills

  • Understand the impact of personal leadership styles

  • Develop specific action plans and behaviors that result in effective leadership for the organization.

  • Develop the leadership skills needed to expand an individual's influence in the organization.

  • Identify personal barriers to change & how to overcome them.
Essential Leadership Begins with You.
Business Experience that Counts.
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