Change Management Strategy
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People - The Critical Challenge!

Leadership Dimensions offers a variety of flexible, customized training programs and facilitation services. Our goal is to develop leadership competencies and skills that produce improved management strengths and better outcomes for the organization. All classes engage participants in active learning with "follow-up learning contracts" which are utilized to extend and deepen the learning process.
Change Management Strategy
Co-Creating at the Speed of Change

We provide powerful Change Management Workshops and group facilitation sessions to help employees understand and actively participate in corporate change initiatives. We also help employee groups deal with their own personal reactions to change. Participants learn to create group and personal action plans for moving through the change with positive outcomes. Through group facilitation, we encourage employees to share real world work experiences with the process of co-creating the new change model. This helps participants learn to anticipate and recognize the impact of change in their lives and then move through it successfully.

Leadership Development

It begins with you.

Each organization has its own unique approach to achieving leadership success. For this reason, individual leadership skills must be honed, framed and aligned within the business issues and environment of each organization.

LDC's Leadership Development consulting approach is to help managers discern which leadership competencies and tools will result in superior performance for that organization. Our techniques are designed to be practical and immediately applicable - not theoretical.  
Executive Coaching
Exceptional Leadership starts with Self Development

Our coaching process provides a structured methodology which re-engages valued executives and managers and increases overall leadership effectiveness. We believe that every member of the executive team is creative, resourceful and fully capable of achieving extraordinary success through this individualized coaching process.

Our philosophy is to identify and build on the strengths of each coached executive to expand and redirect opportunities for development. We work with individuals to help them facilitate their own personal self improvement course of action.  
 Performance Improvement
 ... employees are your best financial investment!" *

Producing positive bottom-line results in today's challenging economy requires strong managers and well prepared employees. Too often, managers direct their teams by focusing exclusively on end results and not on the behaviors that produce those results. We carefully guide executives into the development of quality management techniques that create a balance between attention to basic management skills while also implementing motivational people-focused leadership techniques.

* Forbes Magazine
Business Experience that Counts.
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